About Us: Our History

We have been known as a family-owned and operated funeral home since our beginning in 1913 when Harry W. Parker left his partnership with Arthur G. Schultz. Mr. Parker set up the Parker Funeral Home business at 116 East Miller Street, his residence, along with a furniture store at 114 East Miller Street. Robert H. Rayfield married one of Harry and Flora Parker's daughters, Evelyn, and joined the family business. The Parkers and the Rayfields worked together until the death of Harry in 1964.

Times were changing and funeral businesses were moving out of the owner's residence into separate facilities. So, in January of 1966, Bob and Evelyn moved the business across the street, and it became the Parker-Rayfield Funeral Home. With the untimely death of Bob in June of 1967, Evie had to sell the business to a licensed funeral director.

After many months and candidates, she selected Paul L. and Nancy B. Murphy as the new owners to continue the business she had loved and was a part of for so many years. The Murphys moved to Newark in August of 1968, raising their four children Mary Lynne, David, John, and William in what became the Parker-Rayfield & Murphy Funeral Home. With two sons David and John returning home and receiving their funeral director's licenses, we became Paul L. Murphy & Sons Funeral Home in 2001, thereby enabling the same family that served Newark for over 35 years to be here for many, many years to come.