Frequent Questions: General

Can we change funeral homes?

Q: Quite some time ago, we prearranged for our mother's funeral with another funeral home. Is it possible to transfer that pre-arrangement, even if it's pre-paid, to another funeral home?

A: Yes. All funeral arrangements can be transferred to another funeral home. If your expenses have been pre-paid, this account can also be transferred. We will be happy to assist you in this.

Social Security Death Benefits?

Q: Does Social Security still make a death benefit payment toward funeral expenses?

A: A lump sum death benefit in the amount of $255.00 is payable only to a surviving spouse or dependent child. It is no longer paid to other family members or your funeral director.

Funeral instructions in my will?

Q: Should I leave instructions concerning my funeral in my will?

A: No. A will is not a good place to express your burial and service preferences for one simple reason: your will probably won't be located and read until several weeks after you die – long after service decisions must be made.

No written burial instructions?

Q: What happens if I don't leave written instructions concerning my burial arrangements?

A: Usually confusion, espsecially among members of the family as to whom should make the decisions. Disputes may arise between the deceased's children, causing long term family problems. This can all be eliminated by expressing your wishes to your funeral director in writing.

Location of Important Papers?

Q: Where should I keep important papers?

A: Irreplaceable papers should be kept in a safety deposit box. Funeral wishes, a copy of your will, and life insurance information, however, should not be kept in a safety deposit box, because access to the box can take several days or weeks after your death.