Our Services: Benefits

Paul L. Murphy & Sons Funeral Home has been a Newark institution for over 100 years. We've grown and matured along with our community and have worked hard to meet Newark's changing needs. Here are some of the features which make us the most comfortable and family-friendly funeral home in the Newark area.

Family Partnership

You will be dealing with one of the Murphys. We have scheduled ourselves so you may be confident that Paul, David, or John will be available to assist you with your funeral arrangements.


With over 40 spaces in our parking lot, Paul L. Murphy & Sons Funeral Home has the most off-street parking of any funeral home in Newark. This provides safe and easy access to our funeral home.

Handicapped Access

Our front door handicapped access is the best of its kind in Newark. Our guests with limited mobility can enter through the main front entrance along with the other members of their family. No awkward ramps to climb, nor hidden entrances at the rear of the building.

Large Front Foyer

Often, the most uncomfortable place in a funeral home is the front entrance. Paul L. Murphy & Sons Funeral Home has the largest front foyer in Newark and can provide your family with a comfortable entrance, exit, and greeting area come rain, shine, or snow.

Largest Congregation Area

Paul L. Murphy & Sons Funeral Home has the largest rooms and the most comfortable square footage available for funeral services in the Town of Arcadia.

Video Access

TV Monitors allow viewing the services from any of the rooms in our Funeral Home. You may also request memorial DVD copies of the service.