Our Services: Cremation

Cremation Service

Cremation of the body is often chosen as a means of final disposition. Paul L. Murphy & Sons offers several cremation services:

  • Cremation following a traditional funeral service. Many families choose to have their deceased loved one buried in a cemetery plot following a traditional funeral. Some, however, choose to have the body cremated following the funeral. The remains can then be buried on a family plot, kept at home in a keepsake urn, or shipped to a family burial plot outside the area.
  • Direct cremation. Some families choose to have the body of their loved one cremated as soon as possible after the death. These same families may choose to have a private viewing prior to the cremation. Often a memorial service follows the cremation at the funeral home or church.

Paul L. Murphy & Sons is committed to helping you design a service that will be meaningful to you and your family.