Our Services: Pre-Planning

According to all surveys, the most important benefit of advanced funeral planning is peace of mind. In addition, planning your funeral:

  • Removes the decision-making burden from the shoulders of your loved ones.
  • Ensures that your wishes and preferences for funeral services are known.
  • Helps settle any differences that may arise within your family about the type and costs of the funeral service.
  • Allows you to meet with the funeral director of your choice and ask questions about service options, including the value of a complete funeral service and its benefits in the grieving process and cremation and its effects on the survivors.
  • Reassures survivors that your wishes were carried out.
  • Ensures that your surviving family knows exactly what to expect at the time of death.
  • Allows you the comfort of being able to choose your own funeral director and funeral home.
  • Helps control cost by selecting the quality of funeral service and products that will be delivered at a later date for little or no increase in costs to your family or estate.
  • Provides financial protection and freedom from worry in case the need occurs prematurely.
  • Protects insurance funds so they will provide cash for loved ones, instead of paying funeral bills.
  • Eliminates the risk of emotional overspending at the time of need.
  • Ensures you will never have to rely on Social Services to provide assistance for your funeral.
  • Lets you pay funeral expenses during your earning years.

At Paul L. Murphy & Sons, we have made a commitment to the funeral service profession and, likewise, to you. This commitment appears in many ways and continues to be one of the most important reasons that people choose us.