Geraldine Alger

August 31, 1943 – December 11, 2020
Place of Birth: 
Batavia, New York
Place of Death: 
Newark, New York
Marion, New York

Service Event Information

Funeral Service


Mt. Albion Cemetery

Geraldine was preceded in death by her father, Louis Grant, her mother Evelyn Grant (White) siblings Louis Grant, Frank Grant, Edward Grant, Carol (Grant) Somogye and Dale Grant.  She is survived by siblings David & Mary Alice Grant, Judy        (Grant) & Jimmie Strickland, Nancy (Grant) & Dale Hansen and several nieces, and nephews.


Aunt Gerry, I will always remember when I was a young girl and you were teaching me to crochet in your home you always told me only follow the directions up to the comma and you'll never go wrong, I have always followed your directions in any thing that I am learning,only go as far as the comma , and you will succeed . I also remember the days of being on the beach at the lake and smelling your Coppertone suntan lotion ,that is also a wonderful memory that I will cherish. I'm sure you're reunited with my mother and my grandparents, as well as our ancestors .... you will always be remembered

Aunt Gerry will be sadly missed. She was one independent and strong lady. When she was very sick a few years ago she overcame obstacles and was able to go home where she was later able to care for her hisband Rick when he became ill.I know this meant a lot to her. 

She was an avid Buffalo Bills fan having attended the Bills superbowl in Tampa with her late husband Rick. They had a travel trailer all decked out with Buffalo Biils decals and they would bring that up to WNY for Bills games! They both just loved the Buffalo Bills and I know they are watching them this season as they go into the playoffs. I hope they get to see a Super Bowl win from heaven.

She was so kind when I was so young and had been hit by a car she wrote to me the sweetest notes when I was in the hospital. I still have those notes. She loved hummingbirds and I was fortunate enough that my mom also loved Hummingbirds. I had a favorite online shopping site that my mom shared with me that I used to send Aunt Gerry some of the sweet gifts with Hummingbirds. I know she loved a surprise package especially when she told me a package arrived on a day when she was feeling down and it brightened her day.

I will miss her and I know that she flew up to heaven on the wings of angels.




Aunt Geri- I'll always remember you and Gary, I was probably 7-8 years old?  I thought you were so beautiful and cool... coming out for the family picnics and the BBQs with Rick,  all the fun we had watching the Bills win with Jim Kelly and then the past 25 years we waited for this Championship with Josh Allen....I will think of you remember we watch a game. I miss you.  I know you are seated at the throne of God,  healed and reunited with Mom and everyone else. Godspeed Aunt Geri- I love you so ❤ 

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