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I worked with Brad as a member of IOTA (International Occultation Timing Association) for many years -- at least 15 years and likely more.  Yes, IOTA sounds like a geeky organization, and it surely is, but Brad never made it seem that way.  Over the years, we exchanged a huge amount of astronomical observation data -- videos, excel spreadsheets, reports, and technical papers.  We Skyped innumerable times to discuss an analysis, or share tutorials on how to run various software tools.  In all my years of working with Brad, he was always easy-going, smart and engaging -- he became one of my best friends.  He was both professional and informal.  He was thorough yet had a grasp of the big picture.  Brad did numerous YouTube videos as tutorials on how to use software tools or do an analysis.  He had such a perfect voice for narrating videos.  It was clear, well modulated, and he could maintain a very easy pace.  He could narrate a YouTube video in one take.  Brad also coordinated all the IOTA North American observations, collecting the reports, reviewing them for errors, communicating with the observers to correct the errors, then compiling all the data into a model of the size and shape of the asteroid.  He wrote many technical papers on the size and shape of asteroids determined by IOTA observations.  It was all in a days work for Brad, and I know he didn't consider it work, it was all fun for him.  He loved astronomy almost as much as he loved his family.  In our near daily conversations via email, Brad would often share the variious family events -- births, marriages, moves, and new jobs.  His family was always a part of the conversation.  He was so proud of his family.  I miss my conversations with Brad.  I can still hear his voice when I work on something that I know he would be interested in.  My best wishes go to Cindy and the rest of the family as they celebrate Brad's life, his work, his loves, and his family.

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