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Grams I will miss you soooo much!  As I’m sure so many will.  I remember so many good memories of you.  Saturday night game night and how you cooked for an army and even know so many people were at your house there was always enough food for everyone to have seconds or thirds.  Your food was the best.  I wish when I was younger I learned how to cook like you.  Just a pinch here and a dash there.  Sundays for football.  Thanksgiving where everyone would show up and all the wonderful food. Christmas and the Elvis songs you would play.  The country music playing on the radio in the kitchen and the coffee pot always on.  The games and picknics in the front yard.  No matter how bad we felt Gram’s you always made things better.  Halloween and how you made the dinning room into a haunted place.  and the amazing applesauce and cookies.   You were fun and always smiling and making us kids laugh.  Nobody can ever take your place in our hearts.  I love you and will forever miss you.

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