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Alfred Emmanual Loson


We are not able to attend services to express our condolences to your entire family, but want to let everyone know that our thoughts and prayers are with all of you at this difficult time.

We can still picture Al stopping into Loson's Big M to make sure everyone was doing their job to his spec's.

Sincerely,  Jerry & Pam Crandall

Many memories of the times the four of us spent together...........fun vacations, many enduros with all the children in tow for many of them.....a wonderful trip to St. Croix and trips to Georgis, Florida and many other enduro destinations...........Fred had a great time with him in Australia...many a New Years rang in together..........and other times too numerous to mention.  It was agreat journey we took, watching our children grow and fluorish and have their own famileis.  Life was full and we will remember it that way..........love and prayers to all, Fred and Helen

so sorry for your loss.