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Anthony "Tony" Celestino


Sorry i didn't get to the Service, was out of town. Always will remember Tony back in the day ( Ol Newark days). always was a good friend and alot of energy. Remember our cellar band - Tony on drums , Eric L. lead vocals and me on guitar doing  " The Last Kiss"-and that was our band experience.Rest in peace ol friend , sorry we didn't get together later in life- Blessings to all the family! Jon Moon

When I first met Tony, he told me he liked me going with his sister Genevieve.  Since that moment, we always had respect for each other.  I never remember a time when we didn't get along.  He was always a pleasure to visit with.  Our families had many holidays together where some of our most memerable moments were created.  I could always count on him when needed as he could of me.  I am sorry that he is gone and will miss him.


One of my best memories is when you built all my kitchen cabinets for my home in Massachusetts.  I was so sad when I moved from there and I couldn't take them with me.  I have so many childhood memories that it is difficult to single out one.  However the one I do remember is when I was about six and you shot me with a BB gun accidently of course it ricochet off a tree(so you said lol). I also remember how much you loved my spaghetti sauce and every time I make it now I will remember your plate with all the meatballs, sausage,spareribs and second helpings you would eat! I will always love you and miss you.