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Conrada E. Morales


Evelyn, Carmin, and family, my sincere condolences regarding you Mother.  Sending sympathy and prayers.  Michele Fabrizio

Mama conga ❤️

mama ever since I met you, you took me in as if I was one your own grand babies 

mama I'm going to miss you so much, I miss all the laughs and kisses on the cheek

i love you my angel

I will always remember the forever family-friendly bond we grew into over the years.

Conga always welcomed me ( even if Papi didn't.. Lol) She was so kind to me and treated me

As I was one of her daughters. She was the first to introduce me to Spanish food if I hesitated

She would say "try it Chelly" and I always wanted more. I will always cherish the memories I

Have of her and the family. I think back and I have personal memories with all 5 of you and

For that I will always be greatful. I'm here if any of you need me. 

Just a phone call away. 315-690-9631 May God Bless my dear extented


Love you Always

Shirley Ingram


I love you Mamá. Rest In Peace sweet angel! See you in paradise.