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Helen M. Blandino


It was a sad day on Sunday after I learned of Helen's death, although it certainly was not unexpected.  Reality often hits hard though, even when we think we are prepared for it.  Some will say that her passing was a blessing but I stop short of calling it that, although I am glad that her suffering has ended.  My thoughts and prayers are with her, but at this time it is more appropriate that they be directed towards Peter who stayed by her side as her faithful husband and best friend.  It was truly amazing and heartwarming to witness his devotion to her over the recent weeks and months of her suffering.  His attention to her every need was well beyond what would be expected from any spouse. I guess that is what I'd call the manifestation of true love, but I am also sure that it wasn't easy for him as he stayed by her side for virtually every day and night throughout her ordeal.  I have no doubt that his constant presence and love comforted her greatly during her long fight.  It was actually a prolonged and very fierce fight but she never gave up and steadfastly fought on despite her suffering.  I am pleased that she was able to gain enough strength to return home for a month which I hope allowed her to achieve serenity and a sense of closure along with an opportunity to reflect on her vibrant life.


I met Helen years ago through my association with Peter and later I had the pleasure of serving with her on the NAVA Board of Directors for almost 10 years.  She served faithfully and devotedly as Vice-President right up until her death. That was just one of the many positions she held in various organizations within the community, which included service as a Trustee on the Newark Village Board.  Helen and her husband made a formidable team as they devoted so much of their lives to unselfish service to the public.  Working with her on the NAVA Board was certainly a distinct pleasure, but I especially  enjoyed meeting her for coffee at Tim Horton's every so often where we discussed anything and everything that came to mind.  Helen  was a good friend and a quiet yet powerful voice in the defense of her beliefs and values centered around honesty and integrity which is the highest compliment that I can give to anyone.  She also helped me sort out a few things in my life for which I am very grateful.  Rest in peace Helen and thanks for your wonderful friendship.