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James A. Hubbard


We have been neighbors of Jim Hubbard & his family most of our lives. Jim was a very pleasant man who loved his wife & sons dearly. Over his years of working he put thousands of miles on the various cars he owned. I don't recall any accidents he ever had. Jim, as his manner, painted beautiful cards for people's birthdays & the holidays. We were always the recipient of these cards. We have a collection of them and feel blessed in having them. Jim's kind, gentle way was reflected in these works of art.

So Jim, rest easy now in the golden halls of heaven; joining your wife, Carolyn. We will miss you as we have her. We too, have the hope, we cherish , of joining you there too, some day.

I had the pleasure of working with Jim for 5 years at Kraus Creative. He was a wonderful person, gentle and kind. The world has lost another angel.