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John Russel Leene


Farewell and Godspeed to a wonderful artist and truly sensitive human being...........have not seen John in many years but rememeber what a caring person he was to those he came in contact with and know he will be missed by those he loved and loved him.  My thoughts and prayers are with His Mom and siblings.  God Bless

Dear Leene Family, I am very sorry to learn of John's too soon passing. I am so glad that I was able to spend some time with him about 4 years ago when I was visiting Newark! When my mom was alive, she was a big fan of his beaded jewelry and purchased and wore some beautiful necklaces. I now have them, and when I wear them, always think of her, and of the artist who created them. I treasure them for both reasons. A special "hello" to Sara! Sincerely, Nancy Neill

So sorry to hear of John's passing He was such a fun, life loving person and he will be missed. I was always greeted by his smiling face at reunions My prayers and condolences to all his family. Anne I wish I could be there I am there in spirit I know John was so happy when you came to our last reunion. I can still see the smile on his face when he said "My sister Anne is here " God bless you all..