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Keith M, Clarke


I first met Keith and Lucy when I joined Newark Arcadia Volunteer Ambulance in 1977. We worked shifts together and became friends. I remember spending several New Year's Eves together having dinner, playing board games, and watching the ball drop on TV, then watching the Rose Bowl Parade in the morning. When they moved to Las Vegas, I visited a few times, feeling that their sofa bed had my name on it. They showed me around town, and introduced me to Ethel M Chocolates. I will remember Keith fondly, and am keeping Lucy and the family in my thoughts and prayers.

Jehovah promises that the dead will live again. (Isaiah 26:19) They will be brought back to life. That is the hope of the resurrection. - John 5:28,29.

Lucy and Family:

We are both so sorry for your loss.  Keith was such a good husband and father.  He always made sure that his family was taken care of.  May God heal you and give you strengh to carry on!

Thanks for Uncle Keith......a great laughter and a gentle patience.  I pray for Aunt Lucy, Tim, and Karen with the thoughts of being with you on the day you say goodbye - - wishing I could be there!   Medical circustances still willnot allow it.



Nephew/Cousin Ronnie

San Antonio, Texas