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Mary Hussey Stuart



Hank and I went to high school together and reconnected in 2015, which is when I fisrt met Mary. I was immediately impressed with her friendliness and volunteer spirit, supporting Hank in his many contributions to the sport of sailboat racing. I only wish we had more time to get to know her better.

Hank, you were blessed to have Mary in your life. I only hope the memory of her will ease the pain of your loss.


God Bless Mary

Hank, Papa Tom & Family,

Your friends from Mississippi want you to know how much we loved Mary and are so saddened by her passing.  We have so many wonderdful memories of times spent together in many different places including, Rochester, Sodus Bay, NYC, Mississippi, New Orleans and beyond. What a wonderful, lovely, talented, dedicated and persisitent soul she was. Mary and Hank made a terrific team from the beginning. It is fitting that Hank proposed to Mary during a beautiful sunset in Rochester and was able to be together for another beautiful sunset at Sodus on their 21st anniversary. Given the times we are in, we are also saddened by the fact we can not be with you in person at tomorrow's service.  We send all our love and want you to know we will be here for you, Dianne & Hugh

Having known Mary mostly when she was a child up to her early teens, of sweet loveliness, both inside and out, her beautiful aura has remained with me all these years.  Back then, she shared this peaceful sweetness with her little cousins, my daughters.  Mary is one of those rare and precious jewels who is lent to this earth and brings to our awareness the good.  Tears.

Dear Hank and family,

I was so honored to call Mary my friend and my heart is sad with her passing.  What a wonderful, kind, funny and all around great person she was.  I worked with Mary at Adecco and then HR Works.  We had laughed that we ended up at a different company together  after we had parted ways at Adecco - maybe it was fate that we rekindled our friendship.  We often talked about her spot at Sodus and how much she loved her time there with Hank.  There is no better place for her to have been at when she passed into GODs kingdom.  I will cherish our friendship always - she was a tough chick (I used those emoji‚Äôs at the end of every conversation with her) You are in my thoughts.



Mary hired me to work for HR Works in 2018. She was kind, friendly, honest and a first class professional. My deepest condolences to her family and friends. 

Dear Hank,


We are very sad for you and your family. Mary was an absolute gem of a person and I enjoyed being around her. 

It is our hope that your warm memories will help you thrlough this time of greif.

All our love,


Doug Coyle and family

Hank + family,

I am very sorry to hear of Mary's passing and my wishes are with you for memory of so many special, good times.

I smiled reading 'No matter where they went throughout the world, they were warmly welcomed by local sailors assisting in the management of the races.' fondly remembering our visit when you came to sydney, let me borrow a shirt as i was under-dressed and we enjoyed a meal and wonderful visit & catch-up together.

You are in my thoughts.