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Richard E. "Dick" Cole


Richard was such a wonderful person. I met him many times at Rob and Becca's home. Richard and Kathy were very welcoming to our daughter Becca and he was always there when help was needed. He will be missed. Especially by his grandchildren. Rest In Peace Richard - heaven has received a special angel.

From my late teen years till now, Dick has been a strong foundation in my life. Without complaint, he was always there when I needed just about anything fixed, much like my brother in law John. This was quite often, as I am not mechanically inclined. He was a soft spoken man whom I rarely saw get angry, if at all. When he laughed, he laughed loudly which would most likely lead to a coughing fit. He carried himself with respect and was always extremely honest, sometimes painfully so. Though, what I will appreciate most of all about Dick, is that he was faithful and loyal man to my mother.

His favorite saying and I would boldly say "oath" was that his job was "keeping peace in the family". You did a fine job Dick and I pray that you are received into heaven with God saying you were a good and faithful servant, to which you will probably reply, "the lawn needs some work around here, where's my John Deere/Cub Cadet/Woods?".